It’s Not What You Think…
It’s What You Know.

PracticeMeter helps firms spend their time on more valuable clients, increase profitability by client, and engage the staff in building the firm’s enterprise value.

What is PracticeMeter

Time is One Element you Cannot Get Back.

Not just your time, but the time of your professionals. Firms are starved for accurate and relevant data that can be turned into actionable information. PracticeMeter (PM) helps firms use time on more profitable clients who value what you do, build the value of your firm, and will make you more attractive to recruits, referral partners and prospects.

A Solution Built for Professional Service Firms.

The initial component is our software that extracts and converts firm data into information. Behind the software, we have a complete solution including data clean-up, change management, staff training, an Advisory Bootcamp, and our Outsourced Advisory Officer role. Firms can just use the software or select any level of support.

You Know Who Your Best Clients Are, But What About the Other 90%?

PracticeMeter digs deep into client performance and uses this information to develop a value enhancement roadmap.

We get to the core issues of:

  • Reallocating the use of limited professional resources.
  • Creating a process to increase advisory service revenue.
  • Energizing and engaging staff in firm growth.
  • Realigning business development targeting.

Take a Quick Test

These data points are a few vital points that can enhance firm profitability while enriching the value of your firm to your clients and developing the type of firm culture that will attract and retain quality professionals.



Does more than 10% of your revenue come from consulting?


After your top 50 clients does the profitability percentage start to drop?


Are you spending 80% plus of your staff on 60% or less of your profits?


How many clients are customers with ABC bank or are 60+ years old?


Who does each client use for wealth management, IT, HR, etc.?


Do owners have updated buy/sell agreements?